Peaceful Parents

Mindfulness & Positive Psychology Program

'Peaceful Parents' is a Mindfulness and Positive Psychology based parenting program to increase resilience in both parents and their children.  ‘Peaceful Parents’ is a strength-based parenting workshop that is engaging, practical and supportive for parents.  The Peaceful parents program is endorsed by the Australian Counselling Australia (ACA).

Parents learn strategies to lessen stress, enjoy parenting more as well as learning practical strategies to build resilience in their children.

"The strongest predictor of life success for children is being able to regulate emotions. This means when they are feeling anxious or avoidant that they can bring themselves back to being resilient. We can teach children these skills. Even better we can show them how to do it. This is where the ‘Peaceful Parents’ program is so powerful. By focusing on listening, communication and mindful parenting we can demonstrate these skills to our children day in day out."

Andrew Fuller
Author, Clinical Psychologist and Family Therapist
Hon. Fellow, Uni of Melbourne
Ambassador of Adolescent Success
Ambassador of ALDAF
Ambassador for Mind Matters

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The program

The Peaceful Parents Workshop is a Mindfulness and Positive Psychology based parenting workshop to increase parent’s wellbeing. Parents learn strategies to lessen stress, enjoy parenting more as well as learning practical strategies to support and build resilience in their children.

Parents discover strategies for themselves...

  • Mindfulness strategies

  • Slowing life down & being more in Flow

  • Enjoying parenting more & reducing stress

  • Resilience building exercises & strategies

  • Mindful parenting strategies

  • Self-Care & Wellbeing Boosters

  • Positive psychology strategies to boost wellbeing

And to support their children...

  • Mindful listening & responding

  • Effective Coping Strategies

  • Managing children’s feelings & worries

  • Problem Solving strategies

Program price:

Cost covers all handouts & access to recorded meditations  Group program cost from $250. (For couples attending a reduction in cost is available.)


Peaceful Parents & Peaceful Kids Facebook page

Workshop classes are kept small and places are limited to keep the group dynamics warm and supportive and allow for peer discussion and support. Classes and locations will be posted on the Facebook page so please like the page and follow to make sure you don't miss out. Make sure you subscribe to this Page to receive regular updates on all programs and new blog notifications.


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